Here's what people are saying about Jim Greeninger...
"Jim Greeninger is one of the world's greatest guitarists ... a real heavyweight" Howard Roberts, GIT/MIT, Hollywood, CA

"Jim Greeninger is the Tiger Woods of the guitar ... but Tiger would have to build his own clubs" T. J. Sullivan, MC, Salem concert performance, Salem, OR




From and other musicians:

"Top class performance, better does not exist!

"The emotional impact is utterly devastating..."

"Breathtaking, what a brilliant guitarist."

"He is the best of all guitarists…"


"Wow, I'm speachless... maybe the finest I've ever heard in my life..amazing =)"

"Very good, maybe the best player in the world."

"We're not worthy!!!!!!! best I have ever seen."

"You are incredible. I don't have words to describe how wonderful you play the guitar. your sound is perfect."

"I can't say enough good things about Jim Greeninger's guitar playing. He deserves all the praise he gets."


"Wow! Absolutely captivating. It warms the soul ."

"How does a human finger move that way??!!"

"His talent is just unbelievable, and the piece he played was stunning. Excellent!!"


"Wow, I've heard multiple guitarists perform this piece... up until now my favorite would be Parkening.. but hands down, this man's skill is out of this world the best. I'm truly amazed at the tremolo he pulls off. Bravo!!"

"Absolutely fantastic and chilling"

"Terrific piece and such a talented guitarist."

"So beautiful it made me cry."

"Exquisite in its purest. Seldom has a piece of music touched me more. You sense it through-out your body and it sends shivers down my spine. Fabulous"

"Perfection, man...perfection!"

"Fantastic. 10/10"

"that issssssssssssssss soooooooooooo great." "I've listened to alot of recordings of "Recuerdos" yet. But hearing THAT on radio - played soo smoothly and fluently with that much emotion! I'm just touched to my deepest!"

"My Gosh, this is beautiful. It's just so wonderful"

"Tears of joy, wonderful performance by Greeninger, and yes Jesus is the Lord."

"Awesome, bravo jim, great feeling.. cant get tired of this piece, especially when it's played with your talent"

"Amazing playing"

"That's really amazing, great feeling."

"Dudes so nasty at guitar he does it no look. That's sick (great)."

"It is one of my favorite pieces and it sounds incredible."

"Absolutely extraordinary performance of the old warhorse. Beautiful use of dynamics; really breathed life into it. Makes me want to go tackle it again."

"... can't stop tears from my soul."

"Amazing! You take the cake on this piece."

"You are absolutely amazing! Beautiful sound and beautiful vibrato, you are simply the best, my father and I have been searching for a good recording of the Romance and we found yours, so much more than we were hoping for."

"after seeing this, you can't see anything else... when the video finished, I just wanted to shut down my computer and sit there doing nothing... this leaves you speechless."

"Great, there aren't words for this, so I'm confined to say, great."

"It's been a long time since I've heard Romance played so spectacularly. Terrific job and beautiful intro."


"You are a rare, authentic and a very inspiring artist Jim, and the classical guitar is in great need for people like you."

"Really amazing"

"I've never thought it was possible to play so well!"

"It is soooo beautiful!"

"Well done!"

"Woah. spent all day watching videos of classical guitar and for some reason this one seemed played with the most passion."

"Maxim on guitar."

"Django tastic."

"Too fast for my fly swatter!"

"I'm sooo speechless..."

"Brilliant, wonderful."

"This is an amazing musician!!! You sir know how to actually play and put emotion into the music. I salute you and wish you the best."

"I am proud of being Brasilian. (on Jim's playing of The Girl From Ipanema)"

" Quite Imprssive!!! I love it ."

"Jim, you're really a MASTER in the world of guitar; your skill remains exceptional."

"I love that bossa nova."

"Brilliant!! Bravo!!!"

"Wow, I have a new favorite ! Very very beautiful ! Thanks, you are the best Beautiful song and excellent guitar player."

"Congratulatios from Argentina. Very lyrical playing."

"Nice touch...unique style. This vid. has become my usher to Quiet. Though for but a moment. But what a moment..... Thank you for playing such beautiful music on this forum. Jim, your guitar speaks!"

"Wonderful! his guitar sings baby A master craftsman...Segovia is groovin' on this fine player."

"It doesn't get any better than this! A Jazzer with the best right hand technique, great example of melting classical & JAZZ."

"Very few Jazz guitarists can survive 12 bars on a classical guitar, JIM makes it sound as if it was meant to be played this way! I hope I can catch him in a live performance in the Bay Area (San Francisco)."

"Wonderful playing as always! Wow...what a skill!"

"'While We're Young' - you are the true master! it's amazing the amount of sound a simple 6 stringed instrument with nylon "strings" and made from wood, can make a sound so rich and full, almost if from the clouds themselves."

"The heart of a jazz musician."

"'Nothing But The Blood of Jesus' - your guitar playing is brilliant, and not to mention I heard from a comment that you designed the guitar you are playing, which by the way is insane You designed and built that guitar? It sounds incredible! Beautiful playing too."

"You make me smile it is truly awesome seeing God's gifts being displayed like this!!

mammamia...wonderful...excellent...incredible...GBU!!! best performance i have ever seen...

... Too many reviews and comments to list ...